Trends in the Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) trade

Tools and Equipment

Laser levelling and layout tools and technology are becoming more accurate, less expensive and more user-friendly, as are other electronic and digital devices and software.

Battery fastening tools and systems are also becoming more commonly used and user-friendly.

Materials and Building Technology

There is an increased use of steel floor decking systems. More efficient building technologies are being developed for the steel framing industry. Seismic restraints are becoming more common in the construction industry.

There is a wider variety of wall and ceiling component systems such as drywall grid systems and premade wood backing, resulting in faster installation. There is an increased emphasis on smoke and fire stopping, resulting in some lathers (interior systems mechanics) specializing in the installation of smoke and fire barriers. Lathers (interior systems mechanics) have more choice in the types of clips such as glue-on and friction fit clips.

There is an increase in the use of rainscreen systems for moisture drainage. New products are being introduced in the market to create the rainscreen (e.g., plastic stucco wire with built-in rainscreen). Pre‑manufactured panels are used more frequently. The use of cementitious panels and planks for exterior finish is increasing.