Appendix C - Glossary

adhesives (glue)
substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation
a component that prevents movement or access of fire, smoke, heat/cold, moisture, sound, radiation, dust, light, people and animals
an assembly that forms a change in the ceiling elevation; can be decorative or functional
carrying channel
a main support member for other components
filler and sealant used in building work and repairs for the purpose of blocking sound, smoke, fire and water transmission
core board
fire-rated board used in shaft wall assemblies
corner bead
a trim to guide a trowel to form a uniform corner; it can be made from metal, vinyl or paper
application of a fire-resistant material directly or indirectly to protect structural members from fire damage
furring channel (hat track, strapping)
framing member used to space lath or gypsum board from any surface member over which it is applied
gas-actuated tools
tools that are powered by gas and ignited by electrical charge
vertical tensile member that carries the steel framework of a suspended ceiling
manufactured or job-built assembly used to guide tools or hold materials for repetitive operations
wood, gypsum or metal backing for plaster
lead radiation shielding
material used to stop radiation and reduce sound exposure
loadbearing members
building components that support both live and dead loads
continuous barrier used to resist the flow of vapour, air and water
non-suspended ceiling
a ceiling finish applied directly to a solid unsuspended substrate
main support component of an access flooring system
cavity between substrate and cladding to allow water and moisture to escape
security mesh
steel mesh used to prevent unauthorized access
shaft wall
assembly used to protect stairwells, ducts and elevator shafts from fire
sheet material that covers the exterior of a building’s frame
exterior horizontal ceiling
underlying surface
suspended ceiling
a ceiling that is supported intermediately from building structure such as concrete slab and steel decking
temporary pattern created to assist in fabrication
track (plate or runners)
material used at the top and bottom of walls and perimeter of ceilings to fasten supports