Designating a New Red Seal Trade

Trades members can ask that their trade be considered for Red Seal designation.

To have your trade considered:

  1. Ensure your trade meets the Red Seal Trade Designation Criteria.
  2. Contact your Canadian Council of Apprenticeship Directors (CCDA) representative to submit your request.

Red Seal Trade Designation Criteria

To be considered for Red Seal designation, a trade must meet these criteria:

  • Designation in several jurisdictions—The trade is designated for apprenticeship and certification by authorities in at least five jurisdictions (provinces/territories).
  • National demandThere is national demand within the industry that the trade receive Red Seal endorsement.
  • Common scope of practice—The trade has a significant number of common tasks in each participating jurisdiction. The trade’s name may vary by jurisdiction so long as the tasks are common.
  • Industry support—The industry (employers and employees within the trade) are prepared to support, maintain and promote the Red Seal endorsement, if designated. This support is needed within each of the participating jurisdictions.
  • Trade activity—There is sufficient activity within the trade. This should be demonstrated by providing evidence of:
    • 500 or more apprentices currently registered in participating jurisdictions (combined total)
    • 300 or more current examination challengers (combined total)
    • Anticipated number of challengers for Red Seal endorsement.

If you think your trade meets these criteria, contact your provincial or territorial CCDA representative.

A CCDA committee can help you organize a request for designation. Ask your CCDA representative for more information.

Red Seal Designation Process

  1. Industry (employers and employees) identifies national support for Red Seal designation.
  2. Industry approaches a provincial or territorial apprenticeship authority to ask that they sponsor the request to the CCDA. (This apprenticeship authority becomes the “lead jurisdiction”.)
  3. The lead jurisdiction determines whether the trade is designated for apprenticeship in 5 or more jurisdictions.
  4. Consultation with industry:
    • The lead jurisdiction asks all provincial and territorial apprenticeship authorities to consult with their respective industry stakeholders. These stakeholders provide input through their provincial or territorial apprenticeship authorities.
    • The lead jurisdiction also ensures that there are consultations with interjurisdictional stakeholders, such as national associations and regulators. These stakeholders provide input through the CCDA Stakeholder Relations Committee.
  5. Lead jurisdiction gathers all information collected for the request and evaluates data against designation criteria.
  6. Lead jurisdiction requests designation from the CCDA.
  7. The CCDA evaluates request and makes a decision based on the designation criteria.
  8. Trade is designated Red Seal.
  9. Red Seal standards and examinations are developed in collaboration with industry.

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