Electric Motor System Technician

Electric motor system technicians repair and rebuild electrical machines, systems and equipment. The scope of their work includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance, testing and repair of electric motors, transformers, switchgears and other electrical apparatus. In addition, they determine the need, extent and type of repairs required, and they prepare time and cost estimates.

NOC: 7333

Designation Year: 1994

Electric Motor System Technician is being de-designated as a Red Seal trade July 2022.

    Due to COVID-19, the date of de-designation has been extended to July 31, 2022 in order to give more time for currently registered apprentices to complete all requirements and challenge the Red Seal examination. After this date, Red Seal endorsements for this trade will no longer be issued. Please check with your own province or territory about provincial or territorial certification in this trade.

Occupational Standard for current exams

View the most recent standard. This is the complete description of the activities of the Electric Motor System Technician trade. It is used as the basis for the Red Seal exams for this trade.

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