Register for your Red Seal Examination

How to Register:

  1. Check your eligibility
    • Ensure that you meet the Red Seal examination requirements of your province or territory. These can differ by trade and by type of tradesperson (e.g. apprentice or trade qualifier).
  2. Visit the official apprenticeship and certification website of your province or territory.
  3. Complete and submit the appropriate Red Seal Examination application form or contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship office for more information.
    • Ask about exam language and accommodations for special needs (if applicable)
    • Confirm with your provincial or territorial office that your copy will be in the language of your choice.
    • If you have special needs, ask about accommodations you may be entitled to when writing the exam. Keep in mind that the request for accommodation has to be made well in advance.
  4. Exam Fees
    • The cost of the exam varies by province and territory. Your provincial or territorial office will let you know the cost when you register for your exam.

Red Seal examinations are administered by provincial and territorial apprenticeship and certification authorities. Contact your provincial or territorial apprenticeship and certification office for more information.