Get Involved with Standards Consultations

Red Seal Occupational Standards (RSOS) and National Occupational Analyses (NOA) set the standard for Red Seal trades. They are regularly updated to maintain their accuracy and relevance.

How to Participate in RSOS Consultations

Industry plays a key role in the development of Occupational Standards.

There are two ways to participate:

National Workshop

Trade experts from across the country develop a first draft of the RSOS. This intensive week-long workshop takes place in Ottawa. The workshop is made up of qualified tradespeople, instructors, and employers in the trade. Participants are nominated by provincial and territorial apprenticeship authorities and national trade organizations and must:

  • be knowledgeable and active in the trade;
  • be able to communicate their knowledge about trade practices effectively with their peers; and
  • be able to commit to participating through the entire week.

Review Committees

Committees are made up of members of the trade community who are knowledgeable and active in the trade to review the draft RSOS standards that were developed at the national workshop. These reviews take place across Canada, and are organized by each province and territory’s apprenticeship body and national trade organizations.

Please visit the Contact Us page if you would like to participate in a standards consultation (Workshop or Review).