Occupational Standards

Quality standards are the backbone of the Red Seal Program. They provide all partners with industry’s guideposts for describing the trade, for designing useful and consistent apprenticeship training tools and for developing fair and consistent tools for assessment. The National Occupational Analyses (NOA) were for many years the standard for the Red Seal Program. As part of an initiative to Strengthen the Red Seal Program, a new format for the standard was adopted in 2015. This Red Seal Occupational Standard (RSOS) will be developed for all Red Seal trades, over time.

What is an Occupational Standard?

Learn why the RSOS or NOA is one of the most important documents for your trade.

History of Red Seal Standards

Learn about the background and objectives of the RSOS and NOA.

About the NOA

Understand the structure of each NOA and how the analyses were developed and validated.

About the RSOS

Understand the structure of each RSOS and how the standards were developed and validated.

Red Seal Occupational Standards Development Process

Understand the process of how the standards are developed and who is involved in their development.

Get Involved with Standards Consultations

Find out how you can help update Red Seal trades standards.